Sunday, December 04, 2005


i did it...
ohh women... shame on you for begging my love
"I LOVE YOU FOR GOD SAKE...!!!", that was you said to me that night
no my dear... no...
my love is too risk for you
i mean that serious...
cause not every woman can have it
maybe i'm sound so selfish
but, it's true that i never took any risk to loving you'r kind
once i'm being hurt... now, perhaps i did hurt you
i don't call that a revenge... but it's up to you now
don't be such a jerk for me
don't put your sad face in front of me
throw away our memory to a trash bag or a garbage
and understand this... i will never never ever make you my trash
you maybe once was my beloved... and that mean a lot to me
you still have a meaning on me
i will always be your friend or else... it's up to you

you still had a meaning in my life...
you can bet on it...

this is my life... n my life still goes on...

me, the selfish one


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